IP66 water &
Dust proof
app enabled
(Android/ IOS)
No Key hole
No lock picking



Smart Keybox Pro

The durable and affordable smart storage for essentials handover like keys for Property management, Construction and Utility site access.

Smart Deadbolt

The real keyless Smart Deadbolt with automatic locking system. Share PIN codes or digital keys with your family remotely.

Smart Padlock

The portable and easy fingerprint smart lock for metal gates, cabinets, and bikes.


No Wifi? No Problem.

Cybelock devices work offline for greater security and reliability. Unlike other Bluetooth smart locks in the market, no need for your guests to download an app to gain access. Our unique Cryptocode uses technology that’s similar to a banking token’s code. Cybelock provide one time or timed and permanent code making it easier to grant and gain access as and when you need to do so.

Cybelock's enterprise management software provides access and manage access logs to your property so you know exactly who accessed your property and when.

About us

Who we are

We are a Canadian growth company who has transformed mechanical locking into highly-functional and immensely-secure digital access management.

Cybelock provides digital locking and mobile access management solutions that have revolutionized the locking industry. Our innovative code technology and Enterprise software is developed by us enabling our customers safe and timely access.

Our Mission

At Cybelock we are developing world's most advanced and reliable smart access technology.

Our mission is to provide access technology that serves Industries and businesses with tailor made alike resulting in security and convenience.



Any Time, Any Where!

All Cybelock devices work with the cybelock mobile app. You can manage access to your property anytime, anywhere.

User Guide

The intuitive and user-friendly CybeLock
helps you easily manage all access permissions yourself.

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Smart keybox

eyecon smart lock box with a keypad and no shackle

Use Environments

Many utility business are under enormous pressure to provide a continuous service for their customers. When maintenance of multiple utility site is involved, it is a matter of great urgency. Cybelock solution offers completely new opportunities for the management of multiple utility sites. Now, numerous locks can be spread out across great distances and hidden in remote locations. Access rights to these hard-to-reach utility sites can be shared directly – to the relevant person at a given site – minimizing travel time and saving money.
Cybelock's Enterprise solution for multi-site applications, such as Ware houses, Telecommunications towers, Electric utility stations because access rights can be granted and revoked instantly.